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Posted by [email protected] on March 19, 2016 at 7:40 AM

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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an inherited disease and it affects individuals 55 years and older in the United States. One in five family members are going to get it.

What causes people to get AMD? In addition to genetics, a large factor is exposure to sunlight. That's why it is important to wear good, protective sunglasses when we are outdoors.

The macula is a pinpoint of tissue in our retina that is responsible for our sharp 20/20 vision. Macular degeneration occurs when sunlight enters our eyes and penetrates the lower levels of the tissue that causes oxidation. Another oxidative process is rust. So you can think of AMD as if the back of our eyes were rusting.

The way in which AMD affects our vision is at first our central vision may become a little bit wavy or blurred and eventually large patches of distortion will present that blocks our central vision. At a later stage of the disease, people may also start to lose their colour perception.

Fortunately we have a built-in layer of protective pigment that blocks the effects of this oxidation. You can think of this as our eyes internal rust proofing and it's made of three components called carotenoids, namely lutein, meso-zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin. Together they form this protective shield so that if sunlight enters our eyes, it blocks the effects from getting to the lower levels of the tissue where does its damage.

Unfortunately not all of us have a protective layer of macular pigment or we don't have enough especially those that have a light complexion. Also as we get older we tend to lose this macular pigment.

If we use a supplement containing all three of those carotenoids over a period of time we can rebuild this tissue so that it's back to be to a healthy level to give us that protection that we need

AMD Testimonial

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Miss Li Ying's father injured his eyes when he fell down at a young age.

After about 10 years, he found that he had macular degeneration.

The doctor said that he would eventually turn blind.

She asked her father to try Super Lutein.

After consuming the product for some time, he asked him for feedback.

He said he didn't feel any difference at all.

She asked him again, "Are you sure, no difference at all?"

At that point, he realised that his eyes didn't feel painful or dry even though he had been watching TV since that morning.

Mis Li Ying was amazed because her father used to close his eyes whenever he watched TV, as it would cause him a lot of discomfort.

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