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Cat Recovers from Kidney Failure After Taking Super Lutein

Posted by [email protected] on September 5, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Testimony by Mrs Yuli of Jakarta

Paco is my pet cat and has been with me for 14 years. On October 26, 2012, it was treated in an Animal Hospital and diagnosed with kidney failure. Paco was discharged after 7 days but was still rather weak. 

A week later, it began vomiting and refused to eat. We brought it back to see the doctor who said that Paco was already very old and weak. There was not much he could do for Paco, but I didn't want to give up.

Incidentally, I read the testimony of Mrs Roslinda about the kitten that got well after taking Super Lutein. I immediately gave Paco one capsule of Super Lutein.

Actually I had been very anxious and had spent sleepless nights over my beloved cat's condition. On top of that I have spent close to 2 million Ruppiah on his treatment and medication. Thank God, Paco's condition improved. He stopped vomiting, and his appetite returned. After consuming one capsule Super Lutein daily for 3 days, he could sleep peacefully and was stronger.

Today, he does not have the symptoms of kidney failure, such as bad mouth odour, smelly urine or vomiting. 



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